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1. Although there are several variations on the exact format that worksheets can take, they are all similar in their___ aspects.

A. potential

B. social

C. essential

D. partial

2. ___ any advice which you can get from the interviewer and follow up suggestions for improving your presentation and qualifications.

A. Take the most of

B. Keep the most of

C. Have the most of

D. Make the most of

3. There is a loss of self-confidence, a sense of personal failure, great anger and a feeling of being utterly___.

A. let alone

B. let out

C. let down

D. let on

4. Japan remains tied to the Western camp partly because the relationship has become___ to her economy and politics over forty year’s association.

A. integral

B. unilateral

C. rational

D. hierarchical

5. With most online recruitment services, job seekers must choose their words carefully; ___ the search engine will never make the correct match.

A. therefore

B. whereas

C. provided

D. otherwise

6. The child should always___ the same basic procedure: seeing the whole word-hearing and pronouncing-writing from memory.

A. go through

B. take over

C. respond to

D. carry off

7. That MGM Grand Youth Center is open to children 3-12 years old___ what hotel they are staying in.

A. regardless in

B. regardless of

C. regardless on

D. regardless from

8. Ever since Geoffrey sent a sizeable cheque to a well-known charity he's been___ with requests for money from all sides.

A. devastated

B. smashed

C. bombarded

D. cracked


1.【答案】C. 句子中的although告诉我们,句子的大意是“虽然工作单的具体形式会有些差异,但他们在基本方面还是相似的”,因此选essential,意思是the most basic part,quality, or feature of something,即“最基本的部分、特征或特点”。potential表示“潜在的”; social表示“社会的,社交的”;这两词均与题意无关。partial意为“部分的”,放在原句中不符合常见表达习惯,而若表达此意义,一般用they are all similar in some aspects。

2.【答案】D. 本题考杳对惯用法的掌握。四个选项中都有the most of,习惯上只用动词make与其搭配使用,意为“最大限度地利用”,此处的意思是“最大限度地吸取面试考官给你的建议”。再例如:Charming and friendly she will help you make the most of your visit. (她很有魅力,也很友好,她会协助你,使你的访问非常完满。

3.【答案】C. 句子中的and说明,a loss of self-confidence, a sense of personal failure, great anger 和a feeling of being utterly ___在意义上是并列关系,都是表示“失意、愤怒”等不好的感觉,因此选项中只有let down符合题意,意思为be made disappointed,即“失望”。再例如:The worst feeling is having let our fans down. (最坏的感觉是我们让崇拜者们失望了。)let alone意为“不打扰,更别提”;let out意为“放走,释放,泄漏,解雇”。let on 意为“泄漏秘密,假装”:这三项均不合题意。

4.【答案】A. 句子前面提到“日本和西方阵营保持很密切的关系”,后面提到了原因“因为这种关系在过去四十年中对于其经济和政治___”。根据上下文,integral恰好符合题意,因为它的意思是forming a necessary part of something,即“构成整体所必需的或不可或缺的部分”。再例如:Vegetables are an integral part of our diet(蔬菜是饮食中不可缺少的部分)unilateral意为“单边的,单方面的”;rational意为“理性的”;hierarchical意为“有统治权的,等级制度的”。

5.【答案】D. 句子前面提到“通过网上招聘找工作的人必须小心用词”,空白处后面提到“搜索引擎不会做出正确的配对”,那么根据上下文,应该选择otherwise,意思是“否则就……”。类似例句还有:We were delayed at the airport. Otherwise we would have been here by lunchtime(我们在机场耽搁了,不然的话,我们在午饭前就到这里了。They got two free tickets to Canada, otherwise they would never have been able to afford to go(他们得到了两张免费去加拿大的机票,否则他们永远支付不起去那里的费用。)therefore表示结果: whereas表示转折,意为“而……却……”;provided意为“假如……”或“以……为条件”。此三项均与题意不符。

6.【答案】A. procedure后面的seeing the whole word-hearing and pronouncing-writing from memory都是用来解释整个procedure是什么,包含哪几个部分。由上下文,另据常见搭配,应该选go through,意思是to experience a particular process,即“经历”,如:Candidates must go through a process of selection(候选人必须经过一个选拔的过程)。Caterpillars go through several stages of growth(毛虫的生长经过几个阶段。)take over意为“接管”;respond to意为“反应”;carry off意为“夺去,带走”。

7.【答案】B. 本题考查对惯用法的掌握。四个选项中只有regardless of是固定用法,意为“不管,不顾”。再例如:The law requires equal treatment for all regardless of race, religion,or sex.(法律要求对一切人平等,无论其种族、性别及宗教信仰)。

8.【答案】C. 句子大意为“自从Geoffrey给一个著名的慈善机构寄去了一张数额较大的支票后,四面八方都向他索要金钱”。四个选项都多少带有“被打倒、击溃”的意思,但是只有bombarded用在这里,含有一种比喻,即“被索要金钱的要求所包围”。bombard经常用于bombard someone with something,表示“对某人询问或给予信息过多”的意思。如 The speaker was bombarded with questions after the speech(演讲之后,听众给演讲人提了很多问题);Today we are bombarded with advice on what to eat and what to avoid(今天我们被该吃什么和不该吃什么这样的建议所包围)。