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大学物理学习(六大科学学习方法)  第1张




When learning new knowledge, it is necessary to analyze and understand the microscopic composition of each part, carefully read the textbook, understand the principle of each concept, and pay attention to the status and logical relationship of the microscopic in the macroscopic whole. If you have time, you can also check the relevant historical origins and continuously expand your knowledge.




We often learn new knowledge from old knowledge. There are often similarities, correspondences, analogies, and so on between different knowledge. Find out the commonality and personality of the new and old knowledge, review the old and learn the new, and learn both solidly and easily. For example, in mechanical wave vibrations and fluctuations, there are very similar states of motion, but there are some other differences relative to the study object.




Abstract thinking is one aspect of the cultivation of ability in physics, but for engineering students, the sublimation of theory requires the ability of abstract thinking. The ability to think abstractly generally requires mathematical support There are many calculus and physical concepts in College Physics, so to make physics easier, you must learn mathematics well. In short, the cultivation of abstract thinking and image thinking ability is very important.




After learning all the contents of a chapter, summarize the content of each chapter in time, draw a mind map, or write all the formula theorems through the table of contents, and be able to come up with corresponding examples, so that knowledge can be stored in an orderly manner in the mind, if the concept is still very confused, it is also very difficult to do the problem.




In physics, a concept or principle in one field can often be extended to another, or even to other non-physical fields. For example, the concepts of closed systems, open systems, and entropy in thermodynamics are often used in the economic and biological fields.




It is impossible to learn physics without doing exercises, but there is still a big difference between college physics and high school physics, high school physics focuses on skills, and there will be many pits in each problem, but college physics focuses on the way of thinking, so the problems are not much in fine. You can ask your physics teacher to choose a representative, strong concept, and typical use of theory, but you must also learn to learn to learn from each other and avoid unnecessary repetition as much as possible. After doing the problem, when you encounter difficulties, you can ask the teacher and classmates to discuss the conditions, the results, and even see if you can solve more than one problem.


大学物理学习(六大科学学习方法)  第2张






Logical thinking methods are mainly divided into two categories: one is analysis and synthesis method, and the other is inductive method and deductive method.

Analysis is the decomposition of the whole into many small parts to study, and synthesis is the sublimation process of reverse thinking that combines the research of various parts. For example, when calculating a magnetic field, the current is first decomposed into infinitely multi-segment current elements, the magnetic field of each current element is written, and then synthesized, that is, the magnetic field of the overall current is obtained by using the integral.

Induction and deduction are two opposing methods of epistemic yytopia from the individual to the general and from the general to the individual. Many discoveries of the laws of physics have used this method. For example, the proof of Gauss's theorem for electrostatic fields begins with the individual cases where there is a point charge in the center of the sphere, until the proof of multiple charges in the case of an arbitrarily closed surface inside and outside the surface, and finally the conclusion of Gauss's theorem is reached.




The laws of energy conversion and conservation run through all the bellwethers of physics, and almost every chapter discusses energy, many of which are connected. A lot of use in physics is the method of additive, which can be divided into vector superposition and scalar superposition. The superposition of forces, the superposition of displacements, the superposition of motions, the superposition of field strength, and the superposition of magnetic induction intensity all belong to vector superposition and obey vector algorithms. The superposition of work, the superposition of energy, the superposition of electric potential, etc. all belong to scalar superposition, using algebraic addition methods.





Physical model method: The physical model is a simplified ideal object that reflects the essence of different aspects from the highly abstracted physical events, which is convenient for calculating reasoning, exploring laws, establishing equations, and can be compared with actual things and corrected, so that the results are more in line with the actual situation. For example, particles, rigid bodies, simple resonators, ideal gases, point charges, etc. are some common physical ideal models.

Physical Analogy: The analogy of physics is to use the existence of some similarity between one law and another, and to use one to illustrate the other. Analogies based on mathematics can communicate research methods in different fields, can provide a medium between analytical forms and hypotheses, inspire new physical ideals, and help human beings understand the unknown world. De Broglie introduced wave-particle duality of matter through mechanical and optical analogies. Schrödinger determines through the analogy between mechanics and wave science that mechanics corresponds to operators and quantum states correspond to wave functions in submechanics, forming two important basic concepts of quantum mechanics.


大学物理学习(六大科学学习方法)  第3张



My physics score is ups and downs, junior high school, because the physics teacher is very good, the method of telling is easy to understand, plus junior high school physics will be repeated training, the question type is single, so the physics score is very good. But in high school, because it is not adapted to the new teacher's teaching method, coupled with the flexibility of high school physics content, there are still many pits, and I have not understood the true meaning of each physical quantity, so it is very difficult to do the problem, there is no idea, there is no direction to do the problem, so the high school physics has been in a low-level state, often failing, which is also the most fatal subject in my high school grades.

It's sad that I still have to be exposed to physics in college, but in the first few weeks of revision, I seem to have found some skills, and I always believe that I can learn this course that many people find difficult, through my own continuous exploration and effort. I also hope that you will not give up, in the next few days, I will tell you everything about the knowledge points and learning methods of physics, may we grow together and progress together!